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On Sweatshops and Child Labor

HRFW Bulletins:
Students Press Demand for 'Sunshine' on Sweatshops, 10/5/99
Open Letter to Nike's CEO, Phil Knight, 9/23/99
Opening People's Eyes to Grim Social Realities, 9/12/99
Falsehoods about Cost of Ending Sweatshops, 5/21/99
New ILO Convention: Will It Improve Odds of Ending Child Labor?, 5/21/99
Exploding Myths about Child Labor: the Insights of Kailash Satyarthi, 5/21/99
They Need the Work'--But Why Little Boys and Girls?, 4/8/99
The Struggle Against Sweatshops Is Heating Up on Campuses and Beyond, 3/23/99
New Anti-Sweatshop Code Spells Out Rights of Women Workers, 3/8/99
Freshmen Are Teaching Lessons in Global Ethics, 2/19/99
18 U.S. Firms Accused of Indentured Labor on U.S. Soil,  1/22/99
Grassroots Movement Arises from College Campuses, 1/22/99

Preliminary Agreement Seeking to Curtail Apparel Sweatshops,11/24/98
Diary: Some Lessons Learned from Students, 6/15/98
Pin-pointing 'Made-in-China' Sweatshops, Even Kathie Lee's, 3/23/98
The Struggle Against Child Labor: Latest Developments, 2/23/98

A New Corporate Code Against Toyland Sweatshops, 12/19/97
Shoes Made in China? Here's What You're Paying For, 12/4/97
'Mommy, Are We Killing Chinese Workers?', 11/20/97
Breathing Poison in a Nike Factory in Vietnam, 11/20/97
Women's Groups Speak Up for Their Asian Sisters, 11/3/97
Corporate Leadership Against Sweatshops, 10/24/97
How Many More Will Burn To Death?, 9/29/97
Female Docility? It's Fading Out in Bangladesh's Garment Industry, 9/15/97
How U.S. Underwrites Repression in China, 5/30/97
Public Outrage Against Sweatshops, 4/25/97
Nike on the Spot, Again, 4/7/97
Remembering Victims of Toy Factory Disaster, 3/25/97
UNICEF's Miscues about Child Labor, 2/11/97
New Consciousness about Abuses, But--, 1/18/97

Warning to Nike Workers: You Better 'Just Do It'--Or Else, 11/9/96
New Day Dawning for Workers in Sweatshops--Maybe, 7/18/96
An International Agenda to Clean up an International Scandal, 6/22/96
Michael Jordan, You and Other Celebrities Have a Date on July 16, 6/3/96
Children's Crusade Against Child Slavery, 5/5/96
'Our Children Don't Need Blood-Stained Toys', 2/23/96
Taking a Bow (first HRFW Bulletin), 2/11/96

Articles by HRFW's Editor:

High-Priced Shoes, Low-Cost-Labor, 10/24/98
To End Sweatshops, 7/18/97
How the Global Economy Promotes Child Labor, 6/16/95

Other Sources:
Child Labor Coalition, c/o National Consumers League
1701 K St., N.W., Suite 1200, Washington, D.C. 20006
202/835-3323, fax 202/835-0747, email NCLNCL@aol;

Children in the Fields Campaign
Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs
1611 North Kent St., Suite 910, Arlington, Va. 22209
703/528-4141, fax 703/528-4145 Web:

Free the Children International
16 Thornbank Rd., Thornhill, Ont. L4J2A2, Canada
Email Web:

Global Exchange
2017 Mission St., Ste.303
San Francisco, CA. 94110
Email: Web:

International Child Labor Study
U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs
200 Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20210
202/208-4843, fax 202/219-4923

National Labor Committee
275 Seventh Ave., 15th floor, New York, N.Y. 10001
212/242-3002, fax 212/242-3821
Email:; Web:

International Labor Rights Fund
733 15th St., N.W., Suite 920, Washington, D.C. 20005
202/347-4100, fax 202/347-4885

Sweatshop Watch
310 Eighth St., Suite 309, Oakland, CA. 94607
Email:; Web:

Robert A. Senser
Editor, Human Rights for Workers

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