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I. Global Rules: General

Breaking the Silence among Economists, 4/25/2000
Some Radical Ideas of a Leading Economist, 4/3/2000

A Lesson from the WTO Flop at Seattle, 12/20/99
Bury the World Trade Organization? No, But--, 11/10/99
Coming Soon: Global Sullivan Principles for Corporations, 10/8/99
Guilt, Shame, and Paper Tigers: an IMF Dialogue, 10/5/99
Globalization and Its Discontents, 7/29/99
More on the U.S.'s Seamy Labor Record, 7/29/99
The Public's Right to Know about the WTO, 6/25/99
Getting Ready for a Big WTO Meeting in Seattle, 5/7/99

Making Sense Out of Globalization's Gyrations (4 articles), 1/8/99

A Scary 'Lesson from the Brink' for 1999, 12/14/98
Respecting Human Rights as the Basis of Peace, 12/24/98
IMF: Getting in Touch With the Real World, 11/24/98
U.S. Bank Rushes to the Rescue of Reckless Speculators, 10/1/98
Globalization on Trial As Never Before, 10/1/98
A Malaysian's Advice on New Global Architecture, 10/22/98
U.S. Leadership on Global Rules: One Example, 9/8/98
Demonizing Sanctions (Everyone Else's), 8/7/98
Fake Figures + Faulty Assumptions = Historic Failure in Indonesia, 7/22/98
'Universal' Worker Rights Set for 174 Nations, 7/2/98
'A Major Shift in U.S. Approach to Global Economics'?--Hopefully,' 6/1/98
Searching for Better Global Ways, 4/6/98
Why Globalization Badly Needs Remodeling, 2/9/98
They're NOT Getting the Fundamentals Right, 1/12/98

Diagnosing Global Economy's Health, 12/4/97
A Radically New Approach to Globalization, 11/20/97

II. Global Rules: Business, Employers, and Finance

Cards Stacked Against Workers: New Study, 9/1/00

Challenging the 'Divine Right of Capital,' 12/20/99
A Hunt for Corporate Social Responsibility, 12/20/99
Dollars for Dictators--Billions Now, and More to Come, 11/19/99
Watch for This Myth About Trade/Labor Linkage, 10/8/99
A Business Report on Sales of Laogai Industries, 10/8/99
Open Letter to Nike's CEO, Phil Knight, 9/23/99
U.S. Business Boosts International Labor Organization, 9/6/99
Multinational CEO: Human Rights Is Our Business, 9/6/99
A Hong Kong Critique of Corporate Codes of Conduct, 8/9/99
The Global Power of Intra-Firm Trade, 8/9/99
How Management Coercion Takes Its Toll in U.S. Workplaces, 7/12/99
How to Jump-Start Worker Rights Now Stalled in the WTO, 6/25/99
New Code of Conduct Meant Especially for China, 6/2/99
240 Million Votes Favoring Global Code of Conducts for GE, 5/21/99

A Hot Issue That Bears Watching in 1999, 12/14/98
Responsible Investing? It's Not an Oxymoron, 9/8/98
The Drive for Global Rules to Protect Investors, 2/23/98

Cutting Down on International Bribery: New Rules, 12/4/97
Advice on Global Rules from a Billionaire--George Soros, 9/29/97
Need for Rules in Telecom Industry, 9/29/97

III. Global Rules: Workers

Cards Stacked Against Workers: New Study, 9/1/00

Sorting Out the Villainies on Worker Rights and Trade, 12/20/99
The New York Times Stands Uncorrected on Worker Rights, 12/1/99
Many a Row to Hoe Beyond the WTO, 12/1/99
Workers of the World, Globalize!, 11/10/99
Watch for This Myth About Trade/Labor Linkage, 10/8/99
Mum's the World on Unions in Honeywell Code, 10/8/99
Watch for This Myth about Trade/Labor Linkage, 10/8/99
Students Press Demand for 'Sunshine' on Sweatshops, 10/5/99
U.S. Business Boosts International Labor Organization, 9/23/99
Dita Sari: She Refused To Be Beaten into Submission, 8/9/99
Nailing Trade-Related Worker Rights Violations in Bangladesh, 8/9/99
Opening a Nation-Wide Dialogue on Worker Rights, 7/29/99
Struggling for Openness in World Trade Organization, 7/29/99
New Code of Conduct Meant Especially for China, 6/2/99
Getting Ready for a Big WTO Meeting in Seattle, 5/7/99

Why Worker Rights Are Human Rights, 12/14/98
This Industry Needs a Sheriff, Not a Figurehead, 11/24/98
Resistance to Treating People as Commodities, 11/12/98
Reebok Executive on Why Worker Rights Matter, 11/12/98
IMF At Long Last Recognizes Labor Standards, 10/22/98
The 'Kid Sister Test' for Sexual Harassment, 9/21/98
'Stop Worker Rights Abuses by U.S. Firms': Plea from Hong Kong, 9/8/98
Demonizing Sanctions (Everyone Else's), 8/7/98
China, Worker Rights, and the WTO, 8/7/98
Challenging NAFTA as Unconstitutional and Disastrous to Workers, 8/7/98
'Universal' Worker Rights Set for 174 Nations, 7/2/98
'A Major Shift in U.S. Approach to Global Economics'?--Hopefully, 6/1/98
Let's Call It What It Is--Discrimination, 1/12/98

Globalization Betraying Millions of Workers, 12/19/97
British Government Blesses 'Core Labor Standards,' 12/19/97
Right to Organize Is an Economic Right Too, 11/3/97
A Wake-Up Call to Trade Negotiators, 9/15/97
The Plot to Box in the ILO--and Workers Too, 9/15/97
Coming: the People Vs. the WTO, 9/8/97
Put Worker Rights on U.S. Fast Track, 8/25/97
Economist Endorses Global Labor Standards, 8/11/97
Don't Ignore Worker Rights: Harvard Economist, 6/11/97
Globalization's Ills: An Economist's Diagnosis, 5/14/97

World Trade and Worker Rights: Still a Pressing Issue, 12/18/96
Free Love and Free Trade, 12/18/96
Silence About World Trade Conclave in Singapore, 11/9/98
An International Agenda to Clean Up an International Scandal, 6/22/96
Sexual Harassment at Workplace Needs Global Action, 4/l1/96
Crisis in International Labor Organization over Worker Rights, 3/23/96

Articles by HRFW Editor

The Emerging Global Solidarity Movement, America, 10/24/98
Exploring a New Frontier, China Rights Forum, summer/98
Pirates on the Loose, Commonweal, 5/5/95
Time to End Discrimination in Trade Policies, Freedom Review, 9/94

Sources on the Web

International Labor Organization (a UN agency) at
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions at
Trade Union Advisory Committee of OECD at
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Freedom to Care: Promoting Ethics at Work at
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights at

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